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To Mama, With Love

We love our Mamas.

We’ve all got one, and we hope that you’re as lucky as us - to be able to say that her strength is second to none, her compassion in unmatchable, and she’s responsible for teaching you the meaning of unconditional love.

We don’t tend to jump on the holiday bandwagon, but these women have given us so much, we want to encourage you to give back to them, and show them the love they deserve. So, we’ve put together a gift guide that’s good to both our mamas, our human one, and, of course, Mama Earth.

All of these gifts are beautiful, unique, and natural - but as always, the best gift of all is your gratitude, presence, and loving kindness.

One Love

Unique, handmade pieces, created in the Cayman Islands (by a Mama herself) with all natural materials and, of course, a big helping of love. One Love pieces are made with solid gold to last a lifetime, natural silk string, and an array of stones and crystals to fit different aesthetics. Each necklace is one-of-a-kind, just like your beautiful Mama. Find hers here.


Dalit Goods Co.

A gift that gives back. Dalit Goods Co. candles are made from 100% natural, non-toxic materials - handmade terracotta pots, untreated cotton wicks, natural soy wax, and a deeply calming scent of lavender. Dalit Goods Co. donate 100% of profits from sales of these candles towards housing, feeding, and educating the motherless Dalit children of India. By sharing these candles you are bringing joy and love not only into the lives of the ones you hold dear, but into the lives of over 120 children being supported by this incredible non-profit organization. Find the whole range here.



Our capsule collection of Baserange essentials are a welcome gift for any woman. Made with organic cotton these pieces are like the comfort food of clothing, and they don’t harm the Earth through use of pesticides, herbicides, and toxic chemicals that are used and abused in conventional agriculture and textile production. We highly recommend the 100% organic cotton sweater for an ultimately snuggly experience, or shop the full range here.


Om Rollers

These beautiful, all natural self-care tools are a little different way to say thank you to the woman who conceived and carried you in her life-giving body, or in the case of non-biological Mamas, held you in her loving embrace. They’re handmade in Thailand with sustainable materials from Mother Earth, and invite their receiver to create time to nurture their physical being. We hope that they encourage care for our sacred bodies, and an opportunity to show them the love they merit. Let the Om Rollers give you & your Mama a helping hand in reconnecting to, and honouring your vessel in this life, find them here.