We hand deliver to your door. We do this in order to facilitate your transition to a zero waste lifestyle - we understand how hectic life is, and we're here to help! Another plus, we avoid all the extra packaging materials associated with using shipping companies!

Standard deliveries go out every Monday and Thursday - we offer flexible evening slots & out of hours special delivery for a $15 fee. Feel free to contact us! 


Refunds and returns

We offer full refunds on faulty products within 48 hours of delivery. After this window we can not accept returns, so please do make sure that you are satisfied with the products when you receive them. We take great care to inspect all our tried and tested products as we put together your package, and so hope to avoid this altogether! 



We understand that the transition to a zero waste lifestyle involves a fair amount of financial investment - we've been in your shoes! That's why we're open to offering payment plans to those of us who want to take these positive life steps, but can't do it all at once! Contact us, and we'll talk options - our goal is to help as many people as possible reduce their use, and feel good about their impact on our planet, and if it takes a little extra time, well we don't mind that at all.