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live lightly

Welcome to the world of Kyklo

Our mission is to provide the Cayman Islands with sustainable alternatives to everyday essentials. We want to empower and inspire conscious lifestyles that embody love - for ourselves and our home!

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We invite you to live lightly

Kyklo is a lifestyle brand that strives to provide products and services that have an elevating impact not only on the individual, but the collective level. This is our ethos. We curate an innovative, eco-conscious repertoire of goods to help your journey through life be a more ethical and sustainable one.

Kyklo is a play on the Greek word 'kyklos' (κύκλος - /keeklo/), which means circle!  We believe what goes around comes around, and so good decisions bring back goodness to us!

We hope you enjoy our array of products with soul, and welcome you on your journey towards a happier and more compassionate way of life! 

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Zero what?

So what is Zero Waste? 

It might sound daunting - but it doesn't have to be! A Zero Waste lifestyle is one where an individual strives to make sure all of their waste avoids going to landfill (or as we know it 'the dump', 'Mt. Trashmore', etc!). That means avoiding food waste and non-recyclable items, composting, and repurposing or recycling everything else! Sounds like a lot, right?

Its a tricky transition - especially in our small island home, and we understand that it takes time, commitment, and sacrifice. So we're here to give you easy access to some tools that can make it an inspiring and enjoyable journey. We're grateful to give you a helping hand towards minimising your environmental impact! 

We LOVE our Mother Earth - at the core this is what drives us. Kyklo is about living out that love every day!


Plastic problem, natural solutions

The problem of plastic pollution is becoming ever more apparent. Plastic is in our oceans, our soils, and even our bodies! The many destructive effects of plastic consumption are coming to light everyday, and the problem facing us sometimes seems insurmountable.  Our modern dependence on single use plastics is unsustainable - we collectively have to make a change, and sooner rather than later! We can climb this mountain, together!

One way to do this is just to say NO THANK YOU! to plastic, and YES PLEASE! to natural alternatives! Pervasive plastics are everywhere, but luckily so are a whole host of amazing natural materials. Think cotton, steel, bamboo, natural rubber, coconut, ceramics, glass, silk, linen, wool, leather, cork, beeswax, copper, tampico, aluminium, hemp, cast iron, titanium, the list goes on and on!

You can create a legacy of respect, compassionate consideration, and love behind for those to come - whilst living a life full of the richness of the gifts that Mother Earth offers us!

The choice is yours!
We are so happy that you've come this far, and invite you to continue with us on a journey of love, compassion, joy, and progress!

We’re happy to be partnered with Plastic Free Cayman by donating 10% of our profits to help them on their mission to educate, raise awareness, and inspire action to reduce plastic pollution in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean.